The first moments, hours and days spent with your newborn baby are the most special.   Irreplaceable pieces of time too valuable to let pass by without record.   This is a time to discover and become familiar with a new person, new routine, a new life.  There are teeny toes to be counted, sweet babies breath to be inhaled, and an adorable little face to look upon all day long.

My endeavour  and my passion is to take those glorious and exciting discoveries and turn them into art, so that long after the moments are gone, the story continues to be remembered and told.   I will be a spectator, grateful for the opportunity to capture your family fall in love with this new little person.   In the comfort of my studio we will work together to create images so wonderful and so heartwarming, that they will be looked upon and enjoyed over and over again.  This is my dream, and I’m so excited to share it with you.